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Clarifying some paradoxes

of relativity at the extreme

by Netsivi Ben-Amots

Relativity, gravitation, relativistic rotation, clarifying some paradoxes of relativity at the extreme relativity at the extreme

Most of the attempts to find competing theories to Einsteinís relativity were unsuccessful. When more accurate observations and test experiments were made the competing theories proved to be incorrect.


In this book, made up of a series of independent papers, the author presents equations exhibiting solutions for forces and potentials valid at high velocity, high rotation velocity and other extreme conditions. The suggested solutions exhibit fewer singularities than Einsteinís general relativity solutions, and are compatible with the experimental results and observations available so far.


The presented theories do not lead to black holes, or forbidden regions, which are essential consequences of Einsteinís general relativity. Other results suggest explanations of bounceback in supernovae, how thick astronomical disks emit jets, and energy sources of supernovae, quasars and active galactic nuclei.


The author gives in detail tens of predictions, including new processes more energetic than nuclear energy involving suggested new forms of matter. Possible applications are suggested and discussed.


The object of a few of the papers is relativistic rotation.


Knowledge of integration and differentiation is sufficient in order to understand this book. Tensors are not essential for understanding, and are only briefly mentioned for comparisons with Einsteinís relativity.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from inner back cover):


Dr. Ben-Amots epitomizes a daring and unrelenting independent thinking and idiosyncratic approach to some of the most difficult problems of science, providing new explanations to some of the most puzzling problems in astrophysics. His papers give new insights on the relativistic rotation, gravitation and more, with applications in astrophysics and elementary particles. Using relativistic rotation and exponential gravitation he elucidates the source of energy that causes the explosion of a supernova after the implosion stage, the thermal stabilization of quasars and galactic nuclei, and the production of the astronomical relativistic jets ejected by them and accelerated by radiation from thick accretion disks. All these and more are detailed in this book, as well as many predictions including the existence of a new set of orbitals of an electron around a proton, inner to the Bohr orbitals. His non-dogmatic concepts based on solid understanding of physics and dedication to simple non-conventional solutions put him on a unique plateau in science.


Netsivi Ben-Amots is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, where he got his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in mechanics. The subject of his D.Sc. thesis subject was: ĒThe motion of a high-speed rotor under the influence of a moment perpendicular to the axes of precession and nutation.Ē At present, he totally devotes his professional life to his areas of scientific interest.


Dr. Ben Amots is a member of the standing committee of IARD: International Association for Relativistic Dynamics and a prolific researcher and writer on many diverse topics ranging from mechanics to astrophysics to relativity. His expertise and interests include dynamics, rotations Ė classic and relativistic, exponential gravitation, dark energy and the use of relativity, gravitation and relativistic rotation to explain

paradoxes of relativity at extreme velocities and accelerations.


Ben-Amots published papers on the above topics as evidenced by the list of his publications in this book, and also in: