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International Association for Relativistic Dynamics

The purpose of the Association is to facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about research programs in classical and quantum relativistic dynamics of particles and fields.
John R. Fanchi, Ph.D. Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO
9-11 February 1998, Houston, Texas
* Proceedings published in Foundations of Physics, Vol. 28, Numbers 9 and 10 (1998).
26 - 28 JUNE 2000, TEL AVIV, ISRAEL
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Send requests for information on IARD to Dr. Fanchi:
  • Fabián H. Gaioli, University of Buenos Aires
  • Edgardo T. Garcia-Alvarez, University of Buenos Aires
  • Tepper Gill, Princeton and Howard Universities
  • Lawrence P. Horwitz, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Young-Sea Huang, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Martin C. Land, Center for Technology Education Holon, Israel
  • Matej Pavsic, Institute Josef Stephan, Ljublana, Slovenia
  • Donald Salisbury, Austin College, Sherman, Texas
  • William C. Schieve, University of Texas at Austin, Texas
  • Matthew A. Trump, University of Texas at Austin, Texas
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