Haim (Franz) Ollendorff (1900-1981)

אולנדורף, חיים פרנץ 1981-1900

Professor Ollendorff died in 1981 at the age of 81. He founded the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Technion, Haifa. He made important contributions to magnetic fields, and in 1954 he was awarded the Israel Prize for his research on magnetic fields. In 1971 he was awarded the Rothschild Prize in Technology, and also was a recipient of the IEEE education medal.

Professor Ollendorff was a multi-discipline scientist, who wrote numerous papers in German, English and Hebrew, and books, on bio-physics, bio-electronics and bio-medicine. For example, he was also interested in the transmission of optic stimuli to the brain in hope of restoring sight to the blind. He was also known for his contributions tp general and relativistic electrodynamics.

The present view does not include his significant contribution to science and technology. Here is just a PARTIAL view of his various scientific sides, representing only what I have learned from him.

Professor Ollendorff also had the unique vision that engineering should help medicine and ill and disabled people.

Professor Ollendorff gave an outstanding series of lectures at the Technion. The course was named Philosophy of Science, but actually, he gave numerous examples of how engineering can help solve medical problems. Hundreds of people came to hear each of his fascinating lectures once a week throughout the years.

His unique vision helped enhance medical engineering.

From his numerous papers, one may look into an early one (1946) and not famous, on engineering aspects and some new ideas on sight and hearing:
Ollendorff, F., "Some new ideas on sight and hearing," pp. 195-209 in: "Trends in modern science,"
   Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (1949).
 - Lectures were given in a symposium held at Rehovot, Israel (1946).

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