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Scientific Work of Dan Loewenthal

We have divided Dan Loewenthal's scientific work into several sections which are located on the left side menu, and at the top and bottom lines.


Membership in Professional Societies

  • International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.
  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists.
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics.
  • European Association of Exploration Geophysicists.
  • Israeli Geological Society.
  • Israeli Physical Society.
  • Israeli Mathematical Society.

Professional Activities

  • 1983-1984 Member of Publication Committee, Society of Exploration Geophysicists.
  • 1980-2000 Member of Translation Committee, Society of Exploration Geophysicists.
  • 1980-1992 Member of Israeli Steering Committee on Earthquakes.
  • 1983 Member of Board of Directors of the Institute of Petroleum Research and Geophysics, Holon.
  • Consultant of the Atomic Energy Commission

Academic and Professional Awards

  • 1981 Minerva, Stiftung, Bonn, W. Germany.

  • 2001 Best Paper in Geophysics 2000, Society of Exploration Geophysics, given in San Antonio, Texas, USA., after his death

Doctoral students supervised by Dan

  • 1976 Yoram Shoham Investigation of geophysical  interpretation methods for MT and DC soundings (with Prof. A. Ginzburg)
  • 1977 Almoga Ilan Improved finite difference  schemes for seismological problems
  • 1982 Vladimir Shtivelman Hybrid method for SH wave  field computation in heterogeneous media (with Prof. A. Ginzburg)
  • 1985 Rui Dias de Carvallo Estimation deterministica e  deconvolcano du assinatura of Bahia da forte asando equacao daonda
Master students suprevised by Dan
  • 1976 Sasson Zilkha On a basic recursion formula  and its application in geo-physics
  • 1979 Shmuel Goldberg Inversion and interpretation  of MT and DC data
  • 1982 Ida Gelchinsky Inverse problem solution for heat waves in first arrivals
  • 1983 Dalia Messinger Application of Toeplitz matrices  in geophysics
  • 1985 Eduardo L. Faria Utilization of reverse time of migration (with Prof.  P.L. Stoffa, Federal University-Bahia , Brazil)
  • 1992 Ronen Ben-Hador Modeling and wavelet estimation
  • 1994 Raz Yerushalmi Straight trajectories modeling
  • 1996 Mohammad Norozi - Image formation in inhomogenious unisotropic media (with Prof. N. Uren-Curtin University, Perth W. Australia)
  • 1997 Ilan Koren- ZMO-Zero moveout stacking







Books Meetings Others Publications Realease Scientific works