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Scientific Work: List of Publications of Dan Loewenthal

  1. D. Loewenthal. On insolubility of algebraic equations of fifth degree and higher (in Hebrew) Gillyonot Mathematica 2, 7-15, 1964.
  2. Z.S. Alterman and D. Loewenthal. Algebraic expressions for the impulsive motion of an elastic half space, Israel Journal of Technology, 7, 495-504, 1969.
  3. Z.S. Alterman and D. Loewenthal. Seismic waves in a quarter and three-quarter plane, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc., 20, 101-126, 1970.
  4. Z.S. Alterman and D. Loewenthal. Corner generated surface pulses, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc., 25, 626-640, 1971.
  5. Z.S. Alterman, R. Burridge and D. Loewenthal. The vibration of an elastic plane and half plane due to the sudden appearance of a crack, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc. 26, 641-662, 1971.
  6. A.S. Fraenkel and D. Loewenthal. Exact solutions of linear equations with rational coefficients, J. of Research of the National Bureau of Standards B. Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 75B, Nos. 1&2, 67-76, 1971.
  7. D. Loewenthal and Z.S. Alterman. Theoretical seismograms for the two welded quarter planes, Bull. Seism. Am., 619-630, 1972.
  8. D. Loewenthal and M. Landisman. Theory for magnetotelluric observations on the surface of a layered anisotropic halfspace, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc. 35, 195-214, 1973.
  9. D. Loewenthal. On the phase constraint of the magnetotelluric impedance, Geophysics, 40, 325-330, 1975.
  10. D. Loewenthal and J.J. Brandstatter. On the electromagnetic impedance of models containing a perfect reflector, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 112, 977-985, 1974.
  11. Y. Shoham and D. Loewenthal. Matrix polynomial representation of the anisotropic magnetotelluric impedance tensor, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 11, 128-138, 1975. Abstract * in database
  12. D. Loewenthal. A study on the poles and zeroes of Stefanescu's kernel function, Geophysical Prospecting, 23, 459-469, 1975.
  13. D. Loewenthal. Theoretical uniqueness of the magnetotelluric inverse problem for equal penetration discretizable models, Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc. 43, 897-903, 1975.
  14. D. Loewenthal. Reply to discussion on "On the phase constraint of the magnetotelluric impedance", Geophysics, 40, 1076-1077, 1975.
  15. D. Loewenthal, L. Lu. R. Roberson and J. Sherwood. The wave equation applied to migration, Geophysical Prospecting, 24, 380-399, 1976.
  16. A. Ginzburg, D. Loewenthal and Y. Shoham. On the automatic interpretation of DC resistivity soundings, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 114, 983-995, 1976.
  17. D. Loewenthal. Reply to comments on "A study on the poles and zeroes of Stephaneson's raised kernel function", Geophysical Prospecting, 24, 207-208, 1976.
  18. A. Ilan, D. Loewenthal. Instability of finite difference schemes due to boundary conditions in elastic media, Geophysical Prospecting, 24, 431-453, 1976.
  19. D. Loewenthal, P.R. Gutowski and S. Treitel. Direct inversion of transmission synthetic seismograms, Geophysics, 43, 886-898, 1978.
  20. E.A. Robinson, D. Loewenthal and S. Treitel. Numerical testing of minimum-delay positive-real and positive-definite digital filters, Journal of Computational Physics, 29, 421-430, 1978. Abstract * in database
  21. S. Goldberg, D. Loewenthal and Y. Rotstein. An improved algorithm for inverting MT and DC data interpretation, J. Geophys. 50, 151-158, 1982.
  22. D. Loewenthal, I.R. Mufti. Reversed time migration in spatial frequency domain, Geophysics, 48, 627-635, 1983.
  23. D. Kosloff, M. Reshef and D. Loewenthal Elastic forward modeling by the Fourier method, Bulletin Seismological Society of America, 74, 875-891, 1984.
  24. D. Loewenthal, S.S. Lee and G.H.F. Gardner. Deterministic estimation of a wavelet using impedance type technique, Geophysical Prospecting, 33, 956-969, 1985.
  25. D. Loewenthal, P.L. Stoffa and E.L. Faria. Suppressing the unwanted reflections of the full wave equation, Geophysics, 52, 1007-1012, 1987.
  26. V. Shtivelman and D. Loewenthal., Source wavelet estimation by upward extrapolation, Geophysics, 53, 158-166, 1988.
  27. D. Loewenthal and T. Krey. Reverse time migration of CMP gathers Surveys in Geophysics, 10, 349-376, 1989.
  28. P.M. Carrion and D. Loewenthal. Depth extrapolation of evanescent energy and non causal wave fields, Bull. Theort. Experi. Geophysics, 31, 19-24, 1989.
  29. D. Loewenthal and V. Shtivelman. Source signature estimation using fictitious source and reflector, Geophysics, 54. 916-920, 1989.
  30. V. Shtivelman and D. Loewenthal. Construction of the generalized one dimensional synthetic seismograms by a three step extrapolation procedure, Geophysics, 54, 1050-1053, 1989.
  31. D. Loewenthal and L. Hu. Two methods for computing the imaging condition for common shot migration, Geophysics, 56, 378-381, 1991.
  32. D. Loewenthal and P. Stoffa. Synthetic seismograms by dereverberating sources* J. Acoust. Soc. America, 90, 1101-1105, 1991.
  33. D. Loewenthal, C.S. Wang, O.G. Johnson and C. Juhlin. High order finite difference modeling and reverse time migration, Exploration Geophysics, 22, 533-546, 1991.
  34. D. Loewenthal. Proper boundary conditions in reflection seismograms, Journ. of Geophys. Res. 20,321-20,324, 1991. Abstract * in database
  35. D. Loewenthal. Estimation of a point source wavelet in elastic media, Geophysics 58, 1195-1199, 1993.
  36. D. Loewenthal. Improvements on the Lehmer-Schur root detection method*, Journ. of Comput. Phys., 29, 164-168, 1993.
  37. V. Shtivelman and D. Loewenthal. Estimation of source characteristics using plane wave decomposition, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 84, 202-208, 1994.
  38. D. Loewenthal. Corpsular straight trajectories versus rays in layered media, Exploration Geophysics, 25, 53-56, 1994.
  39. D. Loewenthal. Comment on aspects of 1D seismic modeling using the Goupillaud principle, Geophysics, Prosp. 42, 89-90, 1994.
  40. D. Loewenthal. Huygen's principle versus exploding reflectors - a theoretical and numerical exercise, Exploration Geophysics,  27, 183-186, 1996.
  41. Bruce, R.H., Middleton, M.F., Holyland, P., Loewenthal, D. and Bruner, I. Modeling of petroleum formation associated with heat transfer due to hydrodynamic processes.  Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)  29,  6-12, 1996.
  42. B.M. Hartley and Loewenthal, D. An analytical partial solution for the exploding reflector model for scattering of waves from a boundary, Exploration Geophysics, 28, 355-360, 1997.
  43. D. Loewenthal, P. Buchen, A. Kagansky and Koren, I. Zero Moveout (ZMO) stacking, Geophysics, 64, 567-571, (1999). Abstract *
  44. D. Loewenthal and E.A. Robinson , On unified dual fields theory and Einstein's deconvolution, Geophysics, 65, 293-303, January-February, (2000). Abstract *


Dan's last paper, published after his death:

45. Loewenthal, D., Robinson, E.A., "Relativistic combination of any number of collinear velocities and generalization of Einstein's formula," J. Math. Anal. Appl., v. 246, pp. 320-324 (2000). link to full text **  or abstract *

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