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Scientific Work: Patents of Dan Loewenthal

  • Israeli Patent 69429 for deterministic deconvolution, 1987.
  • U.S. Patent 4752916 for removing the effect of the source wavelet from seismic data, 1988 Abstract of patent

A New Seismic Data Processing Method/ The Leading Edge, July 1999
Professor Dan Loewenthal, a Geophysicist at Tel-Aviv University, and the owner of United States Patent No. 4,752,916, is now developing a new seismic data  processing method for use with dual sensors such as pressure hydrophones and velocity geophones to facilitate the discovery of oil and gas deposits.

Data recorded by the dual sensors is analyzed using Dan's discovery that both pressure fields and velocity fields obey the same classical wave equation, apart from a change in sign at interface conditions that are expressed as reflection coefficients.
The reflection coefficient concept reveals the Einstein Lorenz Velocity Addition-Subtraction Formula, the corner stone of relativity theory! A related dual sensor method was recognized in 1997 by SEG (the Society of Exploration Geophysicist) to be the most noteworthy seismic method introduced during the previous five years.

During April 1999, Professor Loewenthal and Western Atlas, Inc. reached a settlement in a Federal Court in Houston, Texas, resolving alleged infringement of United States Patent No. 4,752,916, entitled "Method and System for Removing the Effect of the Source Wavelet from Seismic Data". Dan Loewenthal is the sole inventor and owner of the patented dual sensor method which is instrumental in the detection of oil and gas fields.
Western Atlas has agreed that United State Patent No. 4,752,916 is valid. The other terms of the settlement are confidential.
Prof. Loewenthal was represented throghout the litigation by B. Todd Patterson and Keith M. Tackett of Patterson & associates in Houston, Texas.




Books Meetings Others Publications Realease Scientific works