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Dan Loewenthal
18 July, 1943 - 12 April, 2000


Professor Dan Loewenthal died of cancer in the year 2000 at the early age of 56.

Dan was a Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

He was very enthusiastic about his scientific work, and took great pride in his papers and patents.

He made important contributions in geophysics, and useful applications including very accurate measurement methods of deep layers of the Earth's crust.

See lists of his publications at the top or bottom line.

Also a link to the full text of his last paper ** or the abstract *.
Loewenthal, D., Robinson, E.A., "Relativistic combination of any number of collinear velocities and generalization of Einstein's formula," J. Math. Anal. Appl., v. 246, pp. 320-324 (2000).
And here is an abstract of his previous paper *
Loewenthal, D., Robinson, E.A., "On unified dual fields theory and Einstein's deconvolution," Geophysics, 65, 293-303 (1-2.2000),
and an abstract of his paper published before that *
D. Loewenthal, P. Buchen, A. Kagansky, and Koren, I., "Zero Moveout (ZMO) stacking," Geophysics, 64, 567-571 (1999).

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