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January-February 2000, v. 65, pp. 293-303

On unified dual fields theory and Einstein's deconvolution
D. Loewenthal, E.A. Robinson



In most physical phenomena, the laws governing motion can be looked at as the ratio between dual fields which are continuous in time and space. They are activated by the same source. Further, in layered media, the dual fields obey similar wave equations that differ solely by the sign of the reflection coefficients.

In acoustics the dual fields are the particle velocity and the pressure while in lectro- magnetics they correspond to the electric and magnetic measurements. The movements of small or large bodies in gravitational fields obey the same rules. The mass can be looked at as their impedance.

It is shown that by taking the ratio of the dual fields as function of equally discretized time samples, their common wavelet is divided out. This results in obtaining the highest attainable resolution from these measurements. This novel idea is already used advantageously in the discoveries of oil and gas fields by exploration seismology.

Another important result of this research is in rederivation of Einstein-Lorentz velocity addition formula without invoking the axiom that there are no physical velocities higher than the speed of light.

Further, the dichtomy between waves and particles, which are shown under this formalism to coincide, may lead to new foundation of quantum physics.

This paper was awarded "Best Paper in Geophysics 2000" by SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysics), given in San Antonio, Texas, USA., after Dan Loewenthal's death. It did not hit the headlines, because the prestigious prize was granted on September 10, 2001, just one day before September 11, 2001, the day of the attack on the Twin Towers.

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