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Marcel Klajn (1937-2008)


Some international references


[1] Klajn, Marcel (1937-2008), "An approximate solution for the motion of a spinning projectile with a non linear Magnus moment," Israel Journal of Technology, v. 8, pp. 181-8 (1970)


[2] Wikipedia, "Marcel Klajn,"מרסל_קליין


[3] Klajn, Marcel (1937-2008), and Gur, Ilana (1937-2014), "Nutational divergence time constant of spinning axisymmetric spacecraft due to damped elastic structural elements," Proceedings of Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA
(10-12.8.1992), pp. 47-52


[4] Inbar, Tal, "Marcel Klajn, dreamer of space, builder of satellites: The untold story of Israel's space program pioneer," 63rd International Astronautical Congress, held in Naples, Italy, (1-5.10.2012), Lecture IAC-12.E4.1.3




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