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  TITLE: Basic aspect of relativistic rotation: Franklin rotation of a sphere

 AUTHOR: Ben-Amots, N.

  SOURCE: Foundations of Physics, v. 33, No. 9 , pp. 1369-1372 ( September 2003).

  ABSTRACT: We give a relativistic treatment to the dynamics of spherical bodies rotating at very high speed. It is found that most of the mass of a homogeneous spherical quark with Franklin rotation, is due to the relativistic increase of the mass.

  9 references:
Franklin, P., "The meaning of rotation in the special theory of relativity," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, v. 8, pp. 265-268 (1922)
and more 8 references.

  KEY WORDS: relativity; Franklin rotation; relativistic mass.

  COMMENT: Lectured 25.6.2002 in IARD2002 Conference .

  Cited by
Oziewicz, Zbigniew
"Rival theories of relativity: Groupoid relativity versus Lorenz-group relativity, Non-reciprocal velocity versus reciprocal velocity" (129 pp.)

  Short background:
Philip Franklin (1898-1965) was the first to recognize that in relativistic rotation the Newtonian formula
v=ω r
is not valid. Instead, Franklin showed (1922) that for relativistic rotation the correct formula is:
v=c tanh(ω r/c)
Franklin's formula obeys the requirement of relativity that the circumferential velocity v never exceeds the velocity of light c, for any radius r and angular velocity ω.

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