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Relativistic rotation processes may cause implosion of a dying star to bounceback as a supernova explosion
(An answer to a question in Wikipedia's [17] list of unsolved problems in physics
What is the exact mechanism by which an implosion of a dying star becomes an explosion?)

 TITLE: Energy accumulation in relativistic sub-Bohr orbitals, Franklins relativistic rotation of quarks and gravitational field bounceback as processes relevant to explosion of supernovae
 AUTHOR: Ben-Amots, N.
 SOURCE: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., v. 615, 012012 (2015)
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 ABSTRACT: We discuss exploding stars exceeding 8 MSun. Supernova processes start with implosion before the explosion. The processes causing implosion are relatively well understood. Not so the processes that reverse the implosion into explosion. We propose and discuss three possible processes that can reverse implosion of a star into an explosion, causing supernova:
a) Energy accumulation in sub-Bohr electron orbitals populated by an electron moving at high relativistic velocities [1],
b) Franklins relativistic rotation of quarks [2], [3] and
c) Einsteins gravitational field bounceback [4].
The relativistic sub-Bohr orbitals are derived by using an analogy to exponential gravitation (recent refs [1], [4], [5], [6], [7] and [8]).

 SUMMARY: We suggested various processes that alone or together may stop implosion of a star and cause its explosion, (i) First possibility: The [51+(n-1)51.5]MeV set of sub-Bohr relativistic electron orbitals around a proton accumulates and then releases energy. The accumulated energy is significant at temperature greater than 61011Ko (corresponding to 51MeV.) (ii) The compressed massive gravitational field during implosion is an additional accumulator of energy, which is then released causing bounceback. (iii) Quenching of quark rotation of nucleons as a source of energy additional to the accumulated energies of 1 and 2.

1. Lectured 13 June 2014 in IARD2014 Conference, Storrs, CT, USA
2. The link for ref. [34] was replaced. Please use:

 38 references:

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What is the exact mechanism by which an implosion of a dying star becomes an explosion?

and more 29 references


"phenomenological discussion of supernova mechanics"

 >Cited by
Vladimir Majernik (1934-2017)
"The Lenz-Sommerfeld approach to general relativity with variable masses" (2015)

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