Some photographs from journeys Hebrew

Some photographs from journeys

Haifa and North Israel
Few Hebrew words

Eilat and South Israel
Few Hebrew words

Judea (near Jerusalem), Israel
Few Hebrew words

Golan Heights in North Israel

I am not professional photographer, thus some photographs above are blur. Here are
selected photographs from Israel, which are the sharpest of the photographs above.
Also, the real colors are more beautiful than the colors in my photographs.

Copenhagen, Denmark 1985

Oslo, Norway 1985

New York, USA 1990

San-Francisco, California, USA 1991

Near San-Francisco, California, USA 1990, 1991

South France, 1994
Few French words

Rome, Italy 2000
Few Italian words

Washington D.C., USA 2002

Saas-Fee, Switzerland 2004

South-West USA


Photographed by N. Ben-Amots

In the links above I share some photographs I took in journeys.
Some journeys were before or after conferences I participated in.
All places are accessible. Some places in Israel need walking and authorized guidance (marked with * or ** at the title of each photograph).
Although I never visited exotic places like Himalaya or Antarctica, I find that visiting accessible places is more "efficient," because during a certain length of time, one may visit more nice places. From this point of view, it is also more "efficient" to visit places where there are few nice places not very far from each other.
Being non-professional photographer, the real colors are much more beautiful than the colors in my photographs.
I mentioned some places I visited without taking photographs, particularly scientific libraries.

Visiting the archeological Vergina museum in Greece (2008), photographs were not allowed. Here are internet links to photographs of some unique ancient gold items in Vergina museum, including art gold wreaths:
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