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 TITLE: Some Features and Implications of exponential gravitation
 AUTHOR: Ben-Amots, N.
 SOURCE: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., v. 330, 012017 (2011)
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 ABSTRACT: The paper starts with a brief recapitulation of exponential gravitation concepts, and then continues by presenting the following items: a comparison of exponential gravitation with general relativity; gravitational radiation in exponential gravitation theory; supernova formation in the frame of exponential gravitation; a possible exponential gravitation explanation to the origin of jets of Active Galactic Nuclei, quasars and microquasars.

 CONCLUSIONS: The possibility of experimentally distinguishing between the predictions of general relativity and exponential gravitation theories may cause the implications of the exponential gravitation to be more significant for gravity research.

The above predictions of the exponential gravitation are solvable for two bodies, where the massive one is approximated as having constant rest mass M, and the rest mass
m(r) of the light body is variable and depends on the distance r between these two bodies.
Predictions based on the assumption of two bodies whose both equal rest masses m(r) are variable and depending on the distance r between these two bodies, are also obtained by the approach of exponential gravitation above, resulting in a solution without exponential character, though.
Predictions based on the assumption of two bodies whose both arbitrary rest masses m(r) and M(r) are variable and depends on the distance r between these two bodies, are qualitatively obtained by the approach of refs. [6, 21].

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and more 47 references.

 KEYWORDS: Exponential gravitation, Variable rest mass


I highly recommend publication of the attached manuscript which presents astrophysical phenomena in terms of a theory in which mass is variable.
Also, in the introduction, the author found a simple example with an exact solution.
The example, consisting of the theoretical annihilation through gravitational interaction of a pair of particles with equal mass, can serve as a standard for this theory of gravitation and represents a significant advance.

1. Lectured 24.6.2008 in IARD2008 Conference.
2. The link for ref. [12] was replaced. Please use:

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