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TITLE: New line-element derived from the variable rest mass in gravitational field

AUTHOR: Ben-Amots, N.

SOURCE: arXiv:0808.2609v1, (August 2008) Link to arXiv internet site.

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a new line element based on the assumption of the variable rest mass in gravitational field, and explores some its implications. This line element is not a vacuum solution of Einstein's equations, yet it is sufficiently close to Schwarzschild's line element to be compatible with all of the experimental and observational measurements made so far to confirm the three Einstein's predictions. The theory allows radiation and fast particles to escape from all massive bodies, even from those that in Einstein's general relativity framework will be black holes. The striking feature of this line element is the non-existence of black holes.

56 references
Updating reference no. 56:
J. M. Saca, "An exact solution to the relativistic advance of perihelion: correcting the Einstein approximation," Ast. Space Sci., 315, 365 (2008).

KEYWORDS: gravitation; gravitational potential; variable rest mass; black holes.

1. The material in this paper was partially presented in the IARD conferences, June 2002 and June 2006.
2. 16 pages (PDF).
3. N. Ben-Amots is NOT an endorser to arXiv.

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I followed with interest a good part of your article "A new line element derived from the variable rest mass in gravitational field" published in ArXiv (Physics-gen-phi, August 2008). I liked the fact that you have a very broad set of references as well as a very interesting new and original approach to the theory of orbits.
Best regards,

AUTHOR'S COMMENTS (not included in the paper):

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