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A few photographs touring Copenhagen, Denmark

Queen guards parade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fountain, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sculpture in modern art museum near Copenhagen, Denmark

Do not miss Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.
Orsund bridge between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmo (Sweden) was the longest in the world (16 km) when it was built, enabling, for example, Swedish people to live in Swedish Malmo, and go to work daily in the much larger cosmopolitan Danish capital city of Copenhagen. When I visited Copenhagen (1985) to attend in a conference held at the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby 1 2 3, the Orsund Bridge have not been built yet, nor did I know that they are going to build it.
Link to Orsund Bridge.
Later a bridge ten times longer was built in China Link.
The Little Mermaid is a small nice sculpture; the experience is to see people and tourists coming from all over the world to watch it. The photograph is not given here so as not to infringe the rights of copyright holders of the sculpture.

Photographed by N. Ben-Amots after a conference 1 2 3 , Copenhagen 1985.

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