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Hands-on Museum

Hands-on Museum is a museum whose most presentations:
a) Explain technological and scientific facts,
b) Enable pressing a button, or operating a handle, or action(s) alike, and see what happens.

The first hands-on museum was the Exploratorium in San-Francisco, USA.
See papers by the founder 1972, 1973, 1974 in American Journal of Physics, explaining the educational concept of hands-on museum.

This internet site mentions two hands-on museums *:
I) The large Exploratorium Museum in San-Francisco, USA,
II) smaller Madatech Museum in Haifa, Israel.


All three papers by
Oppenheimer, Frank,
(Founder of Exploratorium first hands-on museum).
All three papers were published in the scientific educational
"American Journal of Physics:"

1) "The Exploratorium: A playful museum combines perception and art in science education,"
vol. 40, pp. 978-984, July 1972
link to abstract in journal
link to fulltext in journal

2) "Teaching and Learning"
vol. 41, pp. 1310-1313, December 1973
link to fulltext in journal

3) "The Study of Perception as a Part of Teaching Physics"
vol. 42, pp. 531-537, July 1974
link to fulltext in journal

* Subscription to Scitation database may be necessary for the links to the papers

P.S. It was me who added these references to the Exploratorium item in Wikipedia internet site, following Wikipedia's general request to add references to this item.

* - Hands-on museums became popular and widespread. We do not list them all here.
Following is a partial list of hands-on museums, free for ATSC members (subjected to conditions, one of which is being distant at least 90 miles/145 km from your living place and from home museum). Check for changes/conditions!:
SciTech, Aurora, Illinois, USA
Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Science Works Hands On Museum, Ashland, Oregon, USA
Hands On! Regional Museum, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
Hands-On Science Center, Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA
Hands-on activity center, in Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
MadaTech, Haifa, Israel (Check!)
To our knowledge Exploratorium, San-Francisco, is NOT free for ATSC members, but is free to all only one day each month (check!).
New! "Park Hamada," in Museums boulevard, Be'er-Sheva, South Israel, is a new museum with numerous hands-on items. Please find additional information by yourself.
The information here is only hint, and NOT guarantied, nor updated!
Please check validity/update before using/counting on it.

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