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A few photographs touring Park Ramat Menashe near Haifa, Israel, spring 2013

Photographes below of Park Ramat Menashe, Israel, with permission by E. Nieznanovski

Blooming (seasonal)
Small lake
Small creatures
Other views

Photographes below of trees in Park Ramat Menashe, Israel

Photographes below of blooming in Park Ramat Menashe, Israel

Blooming is seasonal

Photographes below of small lake in Park Ramat Menashe, Israel

Photographes below of life in Park Ramat Menashe, Israel




Below are other photographes in Park Ramat Menashe, Israel

A few Hebrew words

* - Warning: Journeys or tours in these areas include walking and must be under authorized guidance, to avoid losing way.
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) (In Hebrew: Hahevra Lehaganat Hateva of Israel) (non-profit organization) offers (for a price) organized guided tours in nature in Hebrew or English.
Early order is a must.
Main orders center: Tel-Aviv. Phone to:
From Tel-Aviv and near cities: 6388688
From rest of Israel: (03)6388688
From other countries: (972)3-6388688

There are companies that offer guided tours (for more expensive price). We do not supply their details.

Blooming is seasonal.

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