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Dino Bousso (1933-1971)
● TITLE: A simple means for attaining high centrifugal acceleration
● AUTHORS: Bousso, D., Ben-Amots, N.
● SOURCE: Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments, v. 5, No. 3, pp. 291-295 ( March 1972).
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●  ABSTRACT: A new system comprising a very thin belt drive serving also as the suspension for a high-speed rotor has been tested and proved feasible. Speeds of 740 000 rev/min and acceleration fields of 4 000 000 g were attained, the limit being set by rotor burst strength. A simple model describing the influence of ambient pressure, drive ratio and rotor material on the maximum attainable speed and centrifugal acceleration for a given rotor diameter is presented. The system offers potential use as a preparative centrifuge and for the mechanical testing of miniature material specimens, paints, adhesives and electroplatings.

● Cited by:
Szirmay, S.G., Potter, E.C.
"An instrument for measuring the tensile properties of powder at elevated temperature and in the presence of electric fields,"
J. Phys. E: Scientific Instruments,
v. 9, No. 11, pp. 985-989
(1 November 1976)

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