Dino Bousso (1933-1971)

Professor Bousso died in 1971 after open heart surgery, at the early age of 38. He left important contributions in the fields of mechanics, dynamics and to the development of artificial limbs*, and also constructed his interesting mechanical inventions.

Bousso was awarded four prizes for some of his inventions:
Three gold medals in International Inventions Exhibitions, Brussels, Belgium:
- Two in 1967 for new pneumatic rotary actuator
- and for tensor calculator
- One in 1968 for gas powered artificial upper limb
First Marianne Bernadotte Prize for the best invention toward helping handicapped persons 1968 by the Swedish Fund.

  List of publications and patents:

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    M.Sc. thesis, Technion, Haifa, Israel (1960) (In HEBREW). Supervisor: B. Popper.
    Summary in English      Abstract in Hebrew 

  3. Bousso, D., "A stability criterion for rotating shafts,"
    D.Sc. thesis, Technion, Haifa, Israel (1963) (In HEBREW). Supervisor: B. Popper.
    Synopsis in English      Synopsis in Hebrew 

  4. Bousso, D., "Observations on the self-acting air trust bearing effect,"
    pp. 483-492 in:
    "Proceedings of the International Symposium on Second Order Effects
    in Elasticity, Plasticity and Fluid Dynamics,"
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  7. Shelef, L., and Bousso, D., "A new instrument for measuring relaxation in flour dough,"
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    translated from [3] above) Abstract & reviews 

  18. Bousso, D.E., "Manipulating device," GB patent 1286821 (August 23, 1972)

  19. Bousso, D., "Computing mechanisms," (Cover paper) (1970?).
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* - See: Hareuveni, Meir, "Gapayim mlachutiyot" (artificial limbs),
    Mada, v. 12(6), pp. 343-344 (1968) (In Hebrew)
"Invention wins three international prizes," Technion Magazine, Research, p. 22, (June-July 1968) Link

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Bousso's students

Dr. Dino Bousso displays unique gas-powered 13 oz. artificial arm which he developed

Artificial cosmetic gas-powered 180 grams palm hand developed by his student Avinoam Livny under the supervision of Dr. Dino Bousso

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