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Constantin Piron (1932-2012)
● TITLE: New Einstein gravitation
● AUTHORS: Constantin Piron
● SOURCE: Foundations of Physics, v. 35, No. 9, pp. 1643-1651 ( September 2005).
● LANGUAGE: English.
● ABSTRACT: Taking into account the experimental accuracy of the body motions in the solar system, we propose a General Relativity Theory, which is new but nevertheless completely metric.

4 references.

● COMMENT: IARD2004 Conference.

● COMMENT: Subject: Relativity.

FULL PAPER (link to journal).
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Three of the participants in IARD2004 Conference
in an alley at Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Middle: Constantin Piron (1932-2012)
who lectured this paper in this conference
Photograph: Netsivi Ben-Amots

LINK to obituary on Constantin Piron link, in English.

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