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Dino Bousso (1933-1971)
● TITLE: A six degree of freedom experimental limb for thalidomide children
● AUTHOR: Bousso, D.
● SOURCE: Bio Medical Engineering, v. 4, No. 7, pp. 313-321 (1969).
● ABSTRACT: This paper describes a prototype six degree of freedom upper limb prosthesis for amelic and phocomelic thalidomide children based on a new actuator. The energy source is compressed carbon dioxide contained in a rechargeable cylinder which, it is envisaged, could form an integral part of the limb. A new pneumatic valve, in two versions, manually and solenoid operated is described. Other features include the use of rubber springs an optical gauge on the hook permitting the user to estimate the gripping force. In its present form the limb is controlled by sequential operation of the valves by the wearer. A much simpler control method may be possible in the future.
● REVIEWER: Evces, C.R.
● REVIEW SOURCE: Applied Mechanics Reviews, v. 24, p. 368, No. 2387 (1971)
● REVIEW: A new type single-acting actuator is incorporated in a prototype upper limb prosthesis. The actuator consists of inter-connected pouches which rotate about a hinged axis when inflated with carbon dioxide. The device provides for direct angular rotations without conversion from linear motion. This paper gives a complete description of the design, which the reviewer considers an important contribution to the field of powered artificial limbs research.

Chitty, A. Low pressure pneumatic servomechanisms, PhD thesis, London Univ., UK (1973)

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Bousso, D., New Thalidomide Childrens Prosthesis, Translation of this paper to Japanese by Kato, pp. 247-267 in: Interstitial Control of hands and feet, Gakushosha, Japan (1973). The original [31] and this translation were cited in papers in Japanese, not included here.

Engin, A.E., "measurement of resistive torques in major human joints," report AMRL-TR-79-4, Biodynamics and Bioengineering Division, Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Air Force 56780, USA (April 1979).

Safaee-Rad, Reza, Functional human arm motion study with a new 3-D measurement system, M.Sc. thesis, p. 123, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada (1987)

Plettenburg D.H., "Electric versus pneumatic power in hand prostheses for children," J. Medic. Eng. & Technol., v. 13, No. 1-2, pp. 124-128 (January-April 1989).

Ouerfelli, M., Kumar, V., Harwin, W., "An inexpensive pneumatic manipulator for rehabilitation robotics," Proceedings of 1993 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, IEEE 1050-4729/93 (1993).

Bruinekool, R.A., Plettenburg, D.H., Pneumatic pinch force magnification in voluntary closing hand prostheses, Thesis, Delft Institution for Prosthetics and Orthotics, Delft University of Technology (September 2012)

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