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The 9th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields, and PT

9-13 June 2014 ♦  University of Connecticut  ♦  Storrs, CT, USA

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of IARD 2014 appear in JPCS, v. 615 (2015)

Conference Program

Nora Berrah University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Welcome by Physics Department Head Professor
James Lindesay Howard University, Washington DC, USA Canonical proper time quantum gravitation
Astrid Eichhorn Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada Does matter matter in quantum gravity?
Alessandro Spallicci Sciences d l'Universe, France Self-force driven motion and orbital evolution effects
Martin Land Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel Pair production in classical Stueckelberg-Horwitz electrodynamics
Bruce Mainland Ohio State University at Newark, USA Toward a composite model of leptons and quarks
Petr Jizba Czech Technical University in Prague On statistical origin of special and doubly special relativity
Miles Blencowe Dartmouth College, USA Effective field theory approach to gravitationally induced decoherence
Paul O'Hara Northeastern Illinois University, USA Relativistic Brownian motion
Burra Sidharth G.P. Birla Observatory and Astronomical Research Centre, India Relativity and quantum mechanics
Martin Rivas University of the Basque County, Bilbao, Spain The center of mass and center of charge of the electron
Omair Zubairi San Diego State University, CA, USA Static solutions of Einstein's field equations for compact stellar objects
James O’Brien Wentworth Institute of Technology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Conformal gravity for tidal dwarf galaxies and the Milky Way
Benjamin Shlaer Tufts University, USA Resolving the problem of time in diffeomorphism invariant theories
Philip Mannheim University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Introduction to PT symmetry
Carl Bender Washington University in
St. Louis (WUSTL), USA
Nonlinear eigenvalue problems and PT-symmetric quantum mechanics
Hugh Jones Imperial College, UK Special properties of a Fabry-Perot resonator with an embedded PT grating
Tsampikos Kottos Weslyan University, USA Asymmetric wave transport using PT-symmetry
Maarten DeKieviet University of Heidelberg, Germany Exploring geometric phases; discrete symmetry breaking at low energies
Savannah Garmon Osaka Prefecture University, Japan Bound states, scattering states and resonant states in PT-symmetric open quantum systems
Matthias Liertzer Vienna University of Technology, Austria Exceptional points in resonant structures with gain and loss
Stacy McGaugh Case Western Reserve University Laws of galactic rotation
Qing-hai Wang National University of Singapore Fluctuation about cosmological instantons
Philip Mannheim University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Torsion: what it is and how to constrain it
Alan Parry University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Modeling wave dark matter and dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Ariel Edery Bishop's University, Canada The Coleman-Weinberg mechanism in a Weyl invariant theory: application to a magnetic monopole
Hou Yau FDNL Research USA Bosonic field with fluctuations in space and Time
Tepper Gill Howard University, Washington DC, USA Proper-time Dirac theory
Alexander Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel Different first quantization presentations of massless spin 1 and spin 2 particles
Roman Sverdlov IISER Mohall, India Can "infinitesimal" epsilon-parameter in a propagator actually be finite?
Haifa, Israel On the role of relativistic electrons in the imploding stage of supernovas
Luca Lusanna INFN, Italy Implications of the Lorentz signature of spacetime
Mark Davidson Spectel Research Corporation,
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Variable mass theories in relativistic quantum mechanics as an explanation for low energy nuclear phenomena
Robert Fischetti University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA Neutron interference in the gravitational field of a ring laser


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