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IARD is International Associasion for Relativistic Dynamics.
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The 10th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields IARD2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 6-9 June 2016 ♦ 
Details here

The proceedings of IARD 2016 appear in JPCS, v. 845 (2017)

Conference Program (Partial list below).
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All lectures are plenary

Igor Kanatchikov National Center of Quantum Information in Gdansk A new synthesis of relativity and quantum theory: precanonical quantization
John Fanchi Texas Christian University, USA Neutrino Oscillations and Parameterized Relativistic Dynamics
Guido Pizzella INFN Propagation Speed of Coulomb Fields
Eugene Stefanovich Does Pizzella's experiment violate causality?
Martin Land Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel Speeds of light and mass stability in Stueckelberg-Horwitz-Piron electrodynamics
Juan Francisco Gonzalez Valencian International University (VIU) Extended Relativity: Beyond
Petr Jizba Czech Technical University in Prague Feynman checkerboard picture and neutrino oscillations
Mayeul Arminjon Grenoble-Alpes University & CNRS, Grenoble, France On continuum dynamics and the electromagnetic field in the scalar ether theory of gravitation
Paul O'Hara Istituto Universitario Sophia A Generalized Spin-Statistics Theorem
Eytan Suchard Geometry and Algorithms, Applied Neural Biometrics, Israel Electro-gravity
Omair Zubairi Wentworth Institute of Technology, USA Self Consistent Models of Deformed Neutron Stars in the Framework of General Relativity
James O’Brien Wentworth Institute of Technology, CT, USA Conformal gravity
Tzvi Scarr Jerusalem College of Technology The Frenet Frame, Relativistic Rotations, and Synchronization
Yaakov Friedman Jerusalem College of Technology Relativistic Newtonian Dynamics
Vaclav Zatloukal Czech Technical University in Prague Hamiltonian constraint formulation of classical field theories
Y Jack Ng UNC Chapel Hill Holography, Gravitational Thermodynamics, and the Dark Sector
Hans-Thomas Elze Universita di Pisa Quantum models as classical cellular automata
Gonzalo Ares de Parga Zacatenco, Mexico A Further Analysis of the Energy-Momentum for a System of Point Particles and for a Perfect Fluid in a Finite Volume
Mihai Visinescu National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Romania Complete integrability of geodesics in toric Sasaki-Einstein spaces
Amnon Moalem Ben Gurion University Quantum equations for massless particles of any spin in curved spacetime
Willibald Plessas University of Graz, Austria Poincare-Invariant Hamiltonian Approach to Relativistic Quantum Few-Body Problems
Tepper Gill Howard University, Washington DC, USA Foundations for the Feynman World-View
Alexander Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel Spin half properties of massless particles of any spin
Matej Pavsic Jozef Stefan Institute Branes and quantized fields
Teodora Oniga University of Aberdeen Collective quantum dynamics of bound states under spacetime fluctuations
Luca Lusanna INFN, Italy Dark Matter: a Problem in Relativistic Metrology
Norma Mankoc Borstnik University of Ljubljana The Spin-Charge-Family theory explains all the assumptions of the Standard model and predictions
Marco Budinich University of Trieste and INFN On Spinors Transformations
Hristu Culetu Ovidius University Rumania On a regular modified
Uri Ben-Ya'acov Kinneret Academic College Relativistic Coulomb systems in velocity space

 This program is partial (about 90%).
For updated conference program including schedule press here

Including excursion to Lake Bled in the Julian Alps region of northwestern Slovenia. Details here


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* - IARD conference proceedings of the years 1998-2008
are available in "Foundations of Physics"
in volumes 28 31 33 35 37 and 41

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