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IARD Officers:

Martin C. Land

James O'Brien

James A. Lindesay

Tepper L. Gill


    Selected books by IARD members
(1993 and later, from IARD official books page)

Fanchi, John R., Parametrized Relativistic Quantum Theory, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993. (2x98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 08 16)
Santilli, Rugerro M., Elements of Hadronic Mechanics, two volumes, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, 1993. (02, 06, 08)
Piron, Constantin (1932-2012), Mécanique quantique, bases et applications, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes, 1998. (2X04)
Trump, Matthew A. (98) and William C. Schieve (2x98, 04), Classical Relativistic Many-Body Dynamics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.
Pavsic, Matej, The Landscape of Theoretical Physics: A Global View, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001. (4x98, 02, 04, 10, 12, 16)
Santilli, Rugerro M., Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry with Applications to New Clean Energies and Fuels, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston-Dordrecht-London, Springer, 2001. (02, 06, 08)
Fanchi, John R., Energy: Technology and Directions for the Future, Elsevier-Academic Press, 2004. (2x98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 16)
Santilli, Rugerro M., Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry, five volumes, International Academic Press, 2005. (02, 06, 08)
Piron, Constantin, (1932-2012), Méthodes quantiques, champs, N-corps, diffusion, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes, 2005. (2x04)
Santilli, Rugerro M., Isodual Theory of Antimatter, with applications to antigravity, grand unification and cosmology, Springer, 2006. (02, 06, 08)
Schieve, William C. (2x98, 04) and Horwitz, Lawrence P. ((2x98, 00, 2x02, 3x04, 06, 08)), Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
Land, Martin (all conferences) and Horwitz, Lawrence P., ((2x98, 00, 2x02, 3x04, 06, 08)), Relativistic Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics, Morgan & Claypool (2020)

Additional selected books by IARD members and lecturers
(1974 and later, not listed in the official page)
Schieve, William (1929-2020) and Turner, J.S., Lectures in Statistical Physics,
Springer (1974) (2X98, 04)
Schieve, William (1929-2020) and Petter M. Allen, Self-Organization and Dissipative Structures, University of Texas Press (1982) (2X98, 04)
Schieve, William (1929-2020) and Linda E. Reichl, Instabilities, Bifurcations, and Fluctuations in Chemical Systems, University of Texas Press (1982) (2X98, 04)
Gill, Tepper (98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 10 , 12 , 14 , 16)
and Woodford, Zachary (1935-2011) (02, 06, 08),
Nonlinear semigroups, partial differential equations and attractors: Proceeding of a symposium Held in Washington
, 1987, 1989.
Harpaz, Amos (1928-2018), Concepts in relativity theory, (In Hebrew),
Afik; Oranim; Sifriat Poalim; Hakibbitz Hameuchad, Israel, 1988.
(00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12 )
Choquet-Bruhet, Yvon and DeWitt-Morette, Cecile {1922-2017)(02),
Analysis, Manifolds and physics:
-- Part 2: 92 applications, 1989, 2000.
-- Part II, 2000.
-- Part I: Basics, 2004, 2010.
Rosen, N. (1909-1995), Cooperstock, F.I. (1940-2018), (00), (04), Horwitz, L.P., (2x2x98), (00), (2x2x02), (3x3x04), (06), (08) and Rosen, J., Developments in General Relativity, Astrophysics and Quantum Theory, IOP, Bristol, England, 1990.
Coley, A.A., Cooperstock, F.I., (1940-2018), (00), (04), Tupper, B.O.J., Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on General Relativity And Relativistic Astrophysics, University of Victoria, 3-6 May 1989, World Scientific, 1990.
Harpaz, Amos (1928-2018), Relativity theory -- concepts and basic principles,
Saint Ursula Academy (first published),
Jones and Bartlett, Boston, USA, 1992,
A. K. Peters, 1993.
(00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12 )
Bryce DeWitt (1923-2004) Supermanifolds, 1992. (2x02)
Harpaz, Amos (1928-2018), Stellar evolution, A.K. Peters, Wellesley, Mass., USA 1994.
(00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12 )
Harpaz, Amos (1928-2018), Evolution of stars, (In Hebrew),
Sifriyat Poalim, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1995. (00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12 )
Harpaz, Amos (1928-2018), Asymmetrical planetary nebulae,
Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, England, 1995. (00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12 )
Finkelstein, David R. (1929-2016), quantum relativity, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 1996.(02)
Cartier, Pierre and DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017)(02)
A new prospective on functional integration:
, 1996.
Gill, Tepper (Editor) New frontiers in relativity,
Hadronic Press, Palm Harbour, Florida, 1996
(98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 10 , 12 , 14 , 16)
DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017) Functional integration: Basics and applications, (Nato Science Series B:) 1997, 1998. (02)
Zuber, Jean-Bernard and DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017)(02)
Quantum field theory: Perspective and prospective, Nato Science Series C, 1999, 2008.
Rivas, Martin, Kinematical theory of spinning particles : classical and quantum mechanical formalism of elementary particles, (Fundamental Theories of Physics), Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.(08, 12 , 14 )
Bryce DeWitt (1923-2004),
The global approach to quantum field theory (Two volumes set) , 2003. (2x02)
Fanchi, John R., Energy in the 21th century, World Scientific, 2005.
(2x98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 08, 16)
Mannheim, Philip D., Brane localized gravity, World Scientific, 2005. (06, 14)
Bekenstein, Jacob D. (1947-2015}, Of gravity, black holes and information,
Di Renzo Editore, Rome, Italy, 2006.(00)
DeWitt-Morette, Cecile (1922-2017) (With P. Cartier) Functional Integration, Action and Symmetries (2006) (02)
DeWitt-Morette, Cecile (1922-2017), Gravitational radiation and gravitational collapse,
(International Astronomical Union Symposium), 2008 (02)
Cooperstock, Fred (1940-2018) General relativistic dynamics : extending Einstein's legacy throughout the universe,
Hackensack, New Jersey, World Scientific, 2009.(00, 04)
Cartier, Pierre and DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017) (02) Functional integration: Action and Symmetries, Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) 2010.
DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017) (02) and Bery, Marcus
On certain unitary representations of infinite groups of transformations, 2011.
Bryce DeWitt (1923-2004) (2x02), Steven M. Christensen, (editor):
Bryce DeWitt's lectures on gravitation, Springer, 2011.
Cooperstock, Fred I. (1940-2018), (00), (04), Tieu, Steven
Einstein's relativity: The ultimate key to the Cosmos, Springer, 2012.
Bekenstein, Jacob D. (1947-2015), Albert Einstein memorial lectures, 2012.(00)
Whitney, Cynthia K., Algebraic chemistry: Applications and origin
(Chemical engineering methods and technology)
, 28th Feb. 2013. (06)
Horwitz, Lawewnce P., Relativistic quantum mechanics:
Fundamental theories of physics
, Springer, 2015.
(2x2x98), (00), (2x2x02), (3x3x04), (06), (08)
Gill, Tepper (98, 00, 02, 04, 06, 10 , 12 , 14 , 16)
and Woodford, Zachary (1935-2011) (02, 06, 08),
Functional analysis and the Feynman operator calculus
, 287 pp., Springer, 2016.
 Ben-Amots, Netsivi, Relativity, Gravitation, and Relativistic Rotation:
Clarifying some paradoxes of relativity at the extreme
,  (474 pp.)
Technology Dynamics Inc., Bergenfield, NJ, U.S.A., 2017
 Ordering information of the book:
or the publisher page:

 Overview: HTM PDF
 Responses to the book: "Relativity, gravitation, and relativistic rotation: clarifying some paradoxes of relativity at thr extreme"
 Thanks for your delightful and uniquely probing book. I've enjoyed it. Good luck in your explorative research. Best wishes,
M.D. (President of technological company, California, U.S.A.)
 It is certainly a first class piece of work and you show your unique insights. Prof. T.G. (Washington D.C., U.S.A.)
  Remarkable. I hope that the scientific community knows how to appreciate it. Well done. Y.G. (Retired pilot)
  Your book seems to me very interesting, especially your handling of rotation. Prof. A.G.
  This is obviously a life work, a longstanding endeavor of a devoted researcher. Congratulations! I read a few parts of the book with pleasure. I will surely enjoy reading and some rethinking in months to come. Wishing you the best both personally and professionally. D.T. (Researcher, Belgrade, Serbia)
  I ran into your book in the library, and some of the things you say in it, I agree with whole-heartedly. Especially the lack of equivalence between gravitation and rotation. B.L. (Professor in university, Italy)
 N. Ben-Amots participated and lectured in IARD conferences:
(2000), (2x2002), (2004), (2006), (2x2008) (2012), (2014)

Horwitz, Lawewnce P., (2x2x1998), (2000), (2x2x2002), (3x3x2004), (2006), (2008) and Arshansky, Rafael I.,
Relativistic Many-Body Theory and Statistical Mechanics

Morgan & Claypool Publishers, May 2018.
This book explains the development of the SHP theory, reviews its basic concepts, and gives examples of its applications.
 Ben-Amots, Netsivi (2000), (2x2002), (2004), (2006), (2x2008) (2012), (2014)
Supernova, Dark Matter, Quasars, Astronomical Jets and more
Explained by Using Relativistic Modifications,
and Tornado, Gyroscope, Moon and more
(2022) (530 pages)

Contents+3 chapters

Books in memory of IARD members and lecturers (not listed in the official page)
DeWitt-Morette, Cecile, (1922-2017) (02)The pursuit of quantum gravity : memoirs of Bryce DeWitt from 1946 to 2004, (in memory of Bryce Seligman DeWitt, 1923-2004, (2X02)), Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2011.

The two digits in parentheses are the years of lecturing or participating in IARD conferences.
Two lectures in one conference are designated by 2x98, etc.
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