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The 5th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields

12-14 June 2006 ♦  University of Connecticut  ♦  Storrs, CT, USA

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of IARD 2006 appear in volume 37 of Foundations of Physics (2007), mainly in number 4-5 .

Conference Program

Shih-Yuin Lin Academia Sinica, Taiwan Uniformly Accelerated Detector in a Quantum Field
Mark P. Silverman Trinity College, USA Condensates in the Cosmos: Quantum Stabilization of Relativistic Degenerate Stars and Galactic Dark Matter
Tepper Gill Howard University, USA Canonical Proper-Time Classical Electrodynamics
Alexei Prokudin University of Turin, Italy Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering: Cahn, Collins and Sivers Effects
Larry Horwitz Tel Aviv University, Israel On a Recent Experiment Demonstrating Quantum Interference in Time
Ruggero Santilli Institute for Basic Research, USA The Etherino Hypothesis and Related Fundamental Experiments on the Structure of the Neutron
Ed Seidewitz Researcher, USA The Universe as an Eigenstate: Spacetime Paths and Decoherence
Alexander Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Israel Time Arrow Calculus
In Memorium of Yoram Kaufman
Philip Mannheim University of Connecticut, USA Solution to the Ghost Problem in Fourth Order Theories
Eduardo Guendelman Ben Gurion University, Israel Cosmology with Vacuum Energy and Child Universes
James O’Brien University of Connecticut, USA Gravitational Faraday Effect Produced by a Ring Laser
Alexander Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Israel Field Approach to Relativistic Classical Mechanics
Cynthia Whitney Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Relativistic Dynamics in Basic Chemistry
Amos Harpaz (1928-2018) Israel Electric Field in a Gravitational Field
Diego Rapoport University of Bio Bio, Chile Cartan-Weyl Space-Time Geometries, Brownian Motions and Quantum Mechanics
John Fanchi Colorado School of Mines, USA Mass State Transitions in Relativistic Dynamics
Woodford Zachary (1935-2011) Howard University, USA Electron Problem II: The Quantum Theory
James Lindesay Howard University, USA Evidence for a Cosmological Phase Transition at the TeV Scale
Martin Land Hadassah College, Israel Dirac Monopole from Lorentz Symmetry in N-Dimensions
Zbigniew Oziewicz (1941-2020) Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Mexico Categorical Relativity Does Not Predict Material Contraction
Chad Galley University of Maryland, USA Self-Force on a Relativistic Particle from Quantum Fields in Curved Space
Haifa, Israel Relativistic Exponential Gravitation and Exponential Potentials of Electric Charges
William Page Government Contractor, Canada Categorical Relativity: Composition of Relative Velocities is Associative
Michael Lublinsky University of Connecticut, USA Towards Reggeon Field Theory
Philip Mannheim University of Connecticut, USA Classical Spin and its Quantization


A few participants in IARD2006 Conference
Standing, middle: Woodford W. Zachary (1935-2011)
This photograph by Netsivi Ben-Amots

Skyline over University of Connecticut

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* - IARD conference proceedings of the years 1998-2008
are available in "Foundations of Physics"
in volumes 28 31 33 35 37 and 41

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