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  I  A  R  D     W  O  M  E  N

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Women lecturers in IARD conferences --
International Association for Relativistic Dynamics

Bilha Segev
lectured in
Ben Gurion University,
A Light-Fronts Approach to a Two-Center Time-Dependent Dirac Equation
Foundation of Physics (2001)
Cecile DeWitt-Morette
lectured in
University of Texas, Austin USA Dynamical Vector fields in Quantum Physics
Cynthia Whitney
lectured in
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Relativistic Dynamics
in Basic Chemistry
Foundation of Physics (2007)
Ana Laura Garcia-Perciante
lectured in
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico On the physical origin of generic instability in linearized dissipative relativistic hydrodynamics
[Search abstract here]
Astrid Eichhorn
lectured in
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada Does matter matter in quantum gravity?
Savannah Garmon
lectured in
Osaka Prefecture University, Japan Bound states, scattering states and resonant states in
open quantum systems
Teodora Oniga
lectured in
University of Aberdeen Collective quantum dynamics of bound states under spacetime fluctuations
Norma Mankoc Borstnik
lectured in
University of Ljubljana The Spin-Charge-Family theory explains all the assumptions of the Standard model and predictions
Ana Garcia-Perciante
lectured again in
Universidad Iberoamericana Relativistic dissipation in dilute bidimensional gases
Ruth Estephania Gonzalez-Narvaez
lectured in
Escuela Superior de Fisica y Matematicas, Instituto Politecnico Nacional A further study of the mixing of relativistic ideal gases with relative relativistic velocities: the hot plasma in the Sunís corona and the type II spicules
Alma Mendez
lectured in
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa Evolution of local thermodynamic properties of dilute relativistic gases in the presence of a fluctuating gravitational potential within a static space-time approximation
Aurora Perez Martinez
lectured in
Instituto de Cibernetica Matematica y Fisica Quarks stars and kicks pulsars due to anisotropy emission of neutrinos
11 Women lecturers gave 12 lectures in IARD conferences


Few participants in IARD2006 Conference
Left: Cynthia K. Whitney
photograph by: Netsivi Ben-Amots


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* - IARD conference proceedings of the years 1998-2008
are available in "Foundations of Physics"
in volumes 28 31 33 35 37 and 41

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